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Aanchal is a Tarot and a Playing Card Reader with more than 24 years of experience.

Aanchal learnt how to interpret future events through Tarot Cards from The Tarot Queen herself – Ma Prem Usha in 1996-97. Aanchal has the unique distinction of practically doing Tarot Card readings with Ma Prem Usha. This helped Aanchal to gain valuable practical experience early on.  

Aanchal also is able to predict future events accurately with the help of Playing Cards. Aanchal was chosen and given the gift of reading Playing Cards by an elevated spiritual lady - Mrs. Dorothy Hefferen – an Anglo-Indian who was well versed in Western Spiritual Disciplines.


About Aanchal Singh

Success Stories

Nitika Bajaj

It would be hard to overstate the influence Aanchal and Harinder have had on me and my family's life. 

Shruti Andlay

Dear Aanchal and Harinder thanks for helping me deal with odds with ease; in the process I became a happier person.

Dr. Deepti Kathpalia

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated as well as intrigued by the fine art of Tarot Readings aild their efficacy.

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