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About Aanchal Singh


Aanchal is a Tarot and a Playing Card Reader with more than 24 years of


Aanchal has always been insightful and intuitive as a child and would often predict events, situations which would come true.

Tarot Cards:

Aanchal, out of curiosity, went for a Tarot Card reading from Ma Prem Usha. Ma Prem Usha was a long-time good friend of her mother. Aanchal’s interest was aroused in learning Tarot Card reading. Subsequently. Aanchal learnt how to interpret future events through Tarot Cards from The Tarot Queen – Ma Prem Usha in 1996-97.

Aanchal had the unique distinction of reading Tarot Cards for clients with Ma Prem Usha. Being an assistant to Ma Prem Usha helped Aanchal to gain valuable practical experience early on.

In 1997, Aanchal had given predictions in a special edition of The Observer magazine to mark the 50th Independence Day of India. In it she mentioned that “In ten years from now (2007), I see the emergence of a Guru figure. A man who is very knowledgeable, very experienced. He is going to show India & Indians the light.” Many other predictions about India were given up to the year 2050. An image and a transcript of the predictions made are given under the section Articles made up to 2050. See article here.

From 1997-98, Aanchal gave regular weekly predictions for the 12 zodiac signs in AdMag, a New Delhi based weekly

newspaper. Aanchal has also conducted introductory Tarot Card sessions on the request of various housing societies in Gurgaon, Haryana, India as well as in certain formal gatherings.

With experience gained over two decades, Aanchal has added her own interpretation which is not taught through books on Tarot Cards. This additional information uniquely developed by Aanchal, has helped to pinpoint and resolve many problems in the lives of her clients.


Playing Cards:

Aanchal also is able to predict future events accurately with the help of Playing Cards. In 1995, Aanchal was chosen and given the gift of reading Playing Cards by an elevated spiritual lady - Mrs. Dorothy Hefferen – an Anglo-Indian who was well versed in Western Spiritual Disciplines. On Aanchal’s second visit to consult with Mrs. Dorothy Hefferen for a card reading, Dorothy said, “I want to give you a gift". Don’t refuse.” When Aanchal hesitatingly agreed, Dorothy said, “I want to give you the gift of reading Playing cards. You can use this to predict for yourself and other clients who will come to you for guidance.” Within half an hour Dorothy taught her everything about reading playing cards. Dorothy also instructed Aanchal, “this knowledge is exclusively meant for you. You will not teach these cards to anyone. You will take this knowledge with you when you leave this world.” Dorothy prophesised, “as you increase your practice, you will receive guidance to predict specific events in the lives of your clients.” This prophecy has held true throughout her readings all these years.   


Aanchal has created a niche for herself from the last two decades due to her special abilities and an inherent gift to connect with her clients and has clients across the Globe.


Aanchal has very diligently kept her growth consistent, updating herself with knowledge, skills and the experience of dealing with multitude of clients.

My Journey

Aanchal holds a bachelor's degree in English from the Delhi University. After graduation, Aanchal worked as an Air Hostess with ModiLuft where she met & observed many people with diverse backgrounds. This experience helped her to hone her skills of counselling her clients who also came from diverse fields of work.   


Aanchal is a certified Reiki Healing Channel initiated by Dr. Nalin Nirula. Aanchal also works with her husband who has been in the healing profession for the past many years. Aanchal has also worked with various other methods of healing – Colour Therapy, Nature Cure, Ayurveda, Yoga, Mudras, Chakra Therapy. 

Our Endeavour

Aanchal and her team's endeavour is to offer highest quality services to her clients. Aanchal also works with other experts in the field of healing to ensure her clients receive the best possible guidance & benefits to resolve their problems. 


Her goal is to inspire and empower her clients by providing them with accurate information & guidance relating to their lives so as to best help them in their life path.


She and her team offer personalized and tailor-made assessments which are reasonable and accessible to all the people.


She sees them going back into their lives much happier and satisfied.


The mission is to provide services to those clients who are interested in having an in-depth transformation of their trajectory, to overcome challenges and conflicts, to fulfil their desires related to their work, education, relationships and career and make necessary changes for positive growth.


The services provided by Sparkling Strands are focused on the core values of absolute professionalism, expertise and authentic guidance with combination of experience, empathy and guiding clients on the best possible path.

The UPS of the team is:


  • They diagnose every life situation and analyse it with you so that a suitable line of remedial measures most appropriate to solving your problem are identified and acted upon. 


  • Continuous interaction over the phone, WhatsApp, email to periodically review and update progress until a solution is reached. Meeting in person will be arranged if the need is felt.


  • Sparkling Strands is committed to resolving your situation subject to your active participation and feedback.

Photos from a Tarot workshop at Silver Oaks, Gurugram (2016)

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