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Tarot card reading

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Cards are used for:

  • Fortune Telling


  • Counselling Therapy


  • Individual Growth


  • Spiritual Growth


Tarot is a combination of astrology, numerology and symbology to predict the future.


They reveal blocks, strengths and weaknesses, destiny patterns which help the seeker to make breakthrough decisions in habits, relationships, professional aspects, finances and investments, legal cases, health, career, job growth, travel education, marriage and love.


They guide you to choose the best direction and answers and the options that are more beneficial for your future progress.


They act as a guide to client's problems.


Guidance with Tarot and the way Aanchal uses Tarot has the ability to beneficially transform situations, energies and individuals.


The possibilities revealed by the cards are like a map and it's up to you where you choose to navigate.


Through Aanchal’s unique interpretation of the cards, she helps in:

  • Transforming old thought patterns of the client and letting go of thoughts the client doesn't need.

  • With this unique approach of interpretation and guidance, the messages of the cards show the client what actions need to be taken. 

  • While following these suggestions, the client is able to realise and shoulder responsibility for their lives.

  • As a result, the client is able to chalk out a better life for themselves as well as beneficially impact the lives of people around.


The Tarot can illustrate what conditions shaped the past, reveal the present and help in goal setting and planning the future. 




Astrology/Numerology/Symbology/Colour Therapy/Chakra Reading and Healing assessments and calculations are based on the Tarot Cards which Aanchal uses.

Tarot readings available online are:

  • One question

  • Three questions

  • Five questions

(Only pay for the questions you ask for)


(Only the questions will be answered)

  • Chakra Therapy Reading (15 mins)

  • Relationship Reading (30 mins)

  • Work and Career Reading (30 mins)

  • Full Tarot Reading (30 mins)

  • Couple Reading (30 mins)




Is a science that indicates the influences of the planets and stars, their position and time which have an effect on us.


The movement of planets foretell our destiny and fate.


Certain positions and grouping of the planets correspond to various types of events which occur during one's life time and astrology assists in predicting such events.



Reveals information about your birth year, current running year, the years beyond the current year, personality, temperament, intelligence, talents, spirituality, luck with finances and investments, health, job, growth in profession, relationships and more.


Recommendations are provided keeping the strong and weak periods of the year.

Colour Therapy

Is used to diagnose energy imbalances and it aids in healing.


Colour Therapy has therapeutic effects on a physical and emotional level.


Promotes well-being and heals specific illnesses.


Helps in restoring balance and health.

Success Stories

It would be hard to overstate the influence Aanchal and Harinder have had on me and my family's life. They have been our spiritual anchor and guides. Our faith in them has moved from strength to strength over our journey of more than 10 years. They offer a unique insight into the future along with their remarkable ability to walk with you in the journey of life with all its ups and downs. 

Their biggest gift to me has been their honesty and clarity in all situations for which I am and will always be immensely grateful. I wish for them all the abundance and prosperity of the universe and may they continue to touch lives just the way they have touched ours. 

Nitika Bajaj


HR professional


Dear Aanchal and Harinder


Thanks for helping me deal with odds with ease; in the process I became a happier person. Aanchal, I would like to place my gratitude and thanks on record for not only giving me a better insight in my life and people around me but also for warning me of forthcoming difficulties and challenges in learning curves. This helped me deal with myself and manage situations efficiently in time. Harinder, your simple demeanour and smile always makes it easy to discuss issues. Your simple suggestions and actions have helped in managing the intensity and many a times even removing the problems. Keep helping the way you have been. Wishing you both a joyful journey and progress in life. 

Shruti Andlay


For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated as well as intrigued by the fine art of Tarot Readings and their efficacy. I got the opportunity to have my cards read by this amazing woman with an equally amazing and huge body of work in the field of Tarot Readings. Well I do not have adequate words to describe Aanchal's gift for this Science and everything that has been told to me during our reading sessions has been a timeless truth of sorts. Aanchal is an incredible guide, friend and a philosopher and to say that she is crisp, deft and very accurate in her readings and analysis is not an understatement. She is my go-to guide, mentor and advisor on all matters, she provides me immense clarity, direction and comfort whenever I seek her interventions. 


She has a clear, practical and a very loving disposition to even the most complex of matters and carries an aura of a gifted healer through her readings, analysis and even her voice tonality. 


She is therapeutic and a complete master of her craft closely working with her clients and impacting their lives subtly. Aanchal is truly blessed and has been able to steer me right and has always been more than ready to help and intervene. What I love about her the most is her high levels of integrity and commitment.


 Aanchal exudes immense compassion and understanding and makes one feel at ease the moment you meet her. Every time I have had a reading with her I have left feeling a lot happier, much at peace, energised and refreshed. I strongly recommend that readings be scheduled with Aanchal Singh and let her divinity be experienced. Looking forward to my next session. 

Thank you, Aanchal so much for being in my corner. You are blessed and it is indeed an honour to experience a session with her.

Dr Deepti Kathpalia


I have managed to go through the hardest times in the last three years since I met Aanchal aunty, thanks to her readings for me through her cards.

Her accuracy and in-depth readings have always given me immense strength to work better and deal with difficult and challenging situations, whenever I have needed confirmation or encouragement i have always relied on her readings and intuition which have always been spot on.

She can look at a situation and knows the truth about even if it is something, I don’t wish to hear she presents it as positively but is remarkably honest and encouraging.

Aanchal aunty is warm and affectionate and loving and immediately puts you at ease. With her authenticity and clarity Aanchal aunty has helped me overcome and also face my fears. I have seen my life transform with the help of her insight and excellent readings. I trust her completely and recommend her to one and all.

Thank you so much Aanchal aunty.

Kavya Kathpalia

St. Louis, USA

Aanchal ji has successfully predicted changes in my career, city and relationships way in advance through Tarot cards. She has been a beacon of hope at times when I had no view of what was in store for me in life and what to look forward to. Her guidance, counselling and empathetic listening helped me keep a positive attitude. I look to her for guidance in challenging times.



Aanchal is a great reader of the Tarot. All her predictions have come true in my case. I was down in the dumps when I had first gone to meet her and was full of hope by the time she had finished my reading. I have always gone to her when in trouble and have always come out with a heart full of hope and happiness.

Nalin Budhraja

New Delhi

To be candid, initially I hesitated to even consider Tarot card reading. I considered it an invasion of my privacy but all my doubts n dilemmas were thwarted in a jiffy when Aanchal touched my life. Aanchal has an innate natural instinct to map our knots and then gently she unravels them soothingly.

 She effortlessly and with such warmth miraculously turned it around for the better. Aanchal uncannily connected with my thoughts and seamlessly brought positive alterations. Aanchal, you are a healer. Wow !!

Isha Dewan

New Delhi

To Whom So Ever It May Concern


I Vandanaa Khosla, Founder DhanVrksh, a registered firm with more than 12 years of expertise in insurance industry, having both Private and PSU companies on board with over 90 insurance products, would like to put on record my appreciation for Ms. Aanchal Singh. I know her from past more than 4 years, and have been seeking her guidance consistently. I would strongly endorse her predictions to be accurate, and unbelievably the dates given by her, for certain events had been totally validated, as and when that specific event happened. More so, she is humble, caring, passionate and concerned for well-being of her client. Her soft approach and willingness to help others find right direction, is truly heart-warming. I sincerely wish her all the best in her future endeavours and strongly recommend her services to everyone.



Vandanaa Khosla


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