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Tarot Cards are used for:


Fortune Telling


Counselling Therapy


Individual Growth


Spiritual Growth


Chakras are the prominent energetic life force centres of our existence and effect all areas of our life. 


Open and balanced Chakras allow energy to flow freely through our system to help maintain health and harmony and resolve issues which are affecting our quality of life.

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Predicting the future with a simple deck of playing cards is also called ART OF CARTOMANCY

Every Card:

  • Helps in making sense of the shifting patterns of fate and fortune.

  • Weaves a coherent story associated with a distinct sphere of your life

  • Contains a significant message for you

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Aanchal holds Tarot learning workshops on WhatsApp. The workshop will involve teaching Tarot Cards in three phases – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  


Completion Certificates will be presented to students who have successfully completed each stage.


There is tremendous flow of energy through our hands.

MUDRAS (i.e. Gestures with fingers which represent the five elements namely fire, air, space, earth and water) is a science of elements that cures many ailments.


Ayurveda plays a vital role in ensuring mental and physical well-being.


Diagnosis in Ayurveda is based on the individual's information about their habits, diet, constitution, profession, physical features etc.

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